Tracy Freese

CEO/Director of Everything

In 2013 Tracy launched this global online marketing agency from her kitchen. An entrepreneurial dynamo often asked if/when she sleeps, Tracy was born with an advanced productivity gene. She has taken her rightful place as Editor-in-Chief with a focus on business development.

    Zach McGill


    With an education in English, Professional Writing, and Creative Writing, Zach is a triple threat! Even though he’s outnumbered by females at Strong Estate, he’s great at taking everything in stride. If you need anything written for a game or a mobile app, Zach is your man.


      Shannon Moore


      As Strong Estate’s original model, Shannon remembers when our photography studio was based out of Tracy’s basement. From lingerie and duct tape to backpacks and ice cube molds, Shannon is the total product-modeling package. A fitness enthusiast off-camera, her yoga poses leave us breathless.


        Jessica Merrill

        Editor in Chief

        Jessica never really planned to be a writer, but she joined the team as a summer intern and never looked back! When it comes to writing, Jessica does it all. She specializes in product descriptions, SEO web content, and creative copywriting. She’s done quite a bit of product modeling as well.


          Lucy Conroy


          Lucy is still completing her degree at the University of Northern Iowa, but she’s an integral part of the Strong Estate team! She makes time for writing in between classes and track practice. Lucy is a multi-purpose team member. Though her “true love” is writing, she’s an excellent product model too.


            Alexandria “Ali” Meyer

            Executive Assistant

            Tracy’s executive assistant and hypothetical life partner, Ali keeps all customer deliveries headed in the right direction, on time and under budget. With a preference for “behind-the-scenes” activities, Ali takes charge of our own marketing efforts, accounting processes, and data entry.


              Bailey Chekal


              Our resident “it” girl, Bailey knows trendy like it’s the back of her arm sleeve tattoo. She can go from elegant to edgy with just a wave of her makeup brush—she’s a cosmetician, too! Tall, striking, and up for just about anything, this product model is a perfect fit for technology and beauty categories.


                Erlinda Babauta

                Art Director/Photographer

                She puts the “Grr” in “Grrlinda”… but at the same time, she sure has an enchanting smile! As a pro art director, Erlinda’s product photography and videography is precise and professional. Erlinda specializes in creating photos for Amazon product listings and is our resident Photoshop guru.


                  Kayse Jenkins


                  Kayse is a Strong Estate Intern turned Writer with a surprising, not-so-secret love of Eminem. Unafraid to try new tones and styles, this Kayse is multifaceted. Her favorite type of project? Cannabis, but don’t tell her parents. She also specializes in press releases and sales content.


                    Nina Tran


                    Nina is Strong Estate’s youngest member. Cute as a button yet glamorous at the same time, Nina is a very versatile model. She moves seamlessly from photo shoots to video shoots without batting an eye, unless, of course, the product is a set of faux mink eyelashes.


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