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Our team of technical writers leaves no room for error. We write each proposal with detailed precision.

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You want to get your story out to investors. Our writers know how to hit all the specific points they want to hear.

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We write unique proposals that promote the inner workings of your department, business, or nonprofit.

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Do you need help securing an annual budget for your nonprofit through state, federal or private grants? Or do you need additional funding for a top-of-the-line project? Whatever the reason, writing proposals can be a laborious process, especially for non-writers.

That’s why you need Strong Estate’s grant and proposal writing services! Our technical writers produce proposals for just about anything. It can be for a new product, updated technology, more efficient equipment, or just to keep you funded and afloat in a competitive market.

Clear and concise copy written with your investors in mind

Business plans and proposals that address your specific needs

Writers invested in knowing the nitty-gritty of your business or nonprofit

Proposals & Grants That Will Get You to the Next Level

Our grant and proposal writers produce professional content to boost your chances of being funded. We write with your investors in mind and use a language that persuades and sells. You’ll have no trouble finding financial backing when you let us do the talking.

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