October 6, 2020 Tracy Freese

Blogging: It Still Matters in Today’s Mobile Social World

In today’s hectic, social world, it’s important to find ways to stay relevant and engaging. One important, easy way to do this is through blogging. So, why do these supposed internet experts keep saying blogging is dead? Yeah, I don’t get it either. Blogging lengthens the time spent on your site, makes your site more relevant, allows you to promote and sell products, and brings in visitors.

5 Ways Blogging Helps Your Website Stay Relevant

1. Site Visits (Bounce Rate)

With the presence of a blog on your site, visitors spend more time on your website rather than quickly visiting and leaving. The technical term for this phenomenon is that blogging increases your bounce rate. This is because a well-written, interesting blog draws in visitors, and with the more time spent reading your blogs, the more time the visitor will spend on your site. This overall increases the likelihood that that visitor will interact with your site as a whole, and visit multiple pages rather than just one page of the website. In a world where the attention span of a person lasts just a few seconds, getting someone involved enough with your site can make a world of difference.

2. Influence

Blogging gives you the chance to show that you know what you are talking about!! Whether you are a site promoting a service or selling a product, having blogs that prove that you are worldly, knowledgeable, and up to date with current trends and media shows potential customers that you are a reputable, useful site. Proving this helps convince a potential customer to purchase your product over someone else’s–you’re more likely to buy or use the service of someone who seems like they know what they are doing and has proof to show for this.

3. Promotion and Sale of Products

Blogging allows you to promote and sell your products in a more subtle, creative way. Three out of five marketers rely on blogging to promote and sell products, according to Quora Creative. This means that with blogging, the likelihood of your products selling is increased. Blogging is proven to increase traffic on your site as well, and visitors are more likely to interact with other areas of your site if blogging is present. Promoting your product or services over multiple media on your site increases the likelihood that a potential customer will purchase your product.

4. Visitors

Most individuals looking for a product or service use Google in order to find what they are looking for. According to Ooze Media, the way the Google algorithm works means that the majority of sites people visit regarding a search are within the first two pages of that search. If you have more blog posts present on your site, you are more likely to appear within these first two pages of a Google search. With this increased likelihood, you raise your chances of interaction with your website.

5. Evergreen

An important concept many online entrepreneurs fail to understand is that of staying evergreen, or current, with blogging and social media posts. In today’s mobile social economy, visitors will judge your website negatively if they do not see current posts. You will appear to be an amateur even if the reality is that you are too busy crushing new business and cashing checks to blog. Spend some of those dollars on regular blogging to avoid that appearance!  


Stay Relevant, Stay Successful!

Take my advice, blogging has proved to remain a successful part of today’s competitive social world. From influencers, to selling products, to bringing in visitors, blogging regularly and sharing it to your social channels creates a positive effect. Today’s online world is hectic and ever-changing, but one thing that is a fact is that blogging is still a winner.


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