July 25, 2022 Tracy Freese

Why a Professional Content Writer is Essential to Your Business’s Online Presence

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Every good business strategy should incorporate blogging and well-written website content. Although great writing doesn’t necessarily come cheap, it’s not an area where you want to skimp. When you go the cheap route, you risk your reputation, your customers’ opinions, your website’s rank, and more. Here are some of the biggest problems you might encounter if you settle for a cheap content writer.

Cheap Writing is Less Readable

One of the main goals of your website should be readability. You aren’t going to get bonus points for using SAT words and long, flowery sentences. In fact, this will deter website visitors and ultimately harm your conversation rate. Your content needs to be readable by a wide group of people to attract the most customers.

Readability isn’t just important for clarity. It’s also important for your website’s rank. Readability has actually become an essential part of how Google ranks you. When your website ranks highly, more people will be visiting your website. Your conversion rate will also go up. On the other hand, if you’re relying on someone who isn’t a very experienced writer to create content, you’re harming your bottom line.

Writing clear, concise content is second nature to a professional writer. Although you can argue that readability is subjective, there are some benchmarks for readable content. One time-tested tool is the Flesch reading ease score. This tool shows how readable the content is based on the average number of syllables in the words and the average length of the sentences. It scores the content on a scale of 0 to 100 with 100 being the easiest to read.

Ideally, content from a professional writer should fall in the 90 to 100 range. This means the content can be easily understood by someone as young as 11 years old. In contrast, a writer who overcomplicates content is limiting their audience.

Web content in particular needs to be easy to read. People who are looking for products or services online don’t want to read a graduate thesis. They want compelling content that’s easy to read and will hold their attention. That’s exactly what they’ll get when they hire a professional writer!

A Native English Content Writer is Worth Paying For

The internet can be so useful for hiring service providers, including professional writers. But, unfortunately, this can make it more difficult to spot writers who aren’t actually as great as they claim to be. Sometimes you may hire a person that you think is a formally-trained native English writer, but the content they produce is poorly-written English content.

If the writer you’ve hired delivers poorly-written content, you’ll have to edit it to ensure it makes sense to customers. In the end, you’ll have lost money in addition to the time you spent editing by hiring an amateur writer.

When your website isn’t written in clear English, it obviously hurts readability. Once again, that makes your customers have a harder time understanding your content and damages the SEO rank. But it also makes you unprofessional. If you want to present yourself as an authority on whatever it is you’re selling, you must hire a native English writer.

SEO-Optimized Content Improves Your Website’s Rank

If you’re paying someone to create content for your website, it better be SEO-optimized! Incorporating SEO keywords into your website is one of the most important things you can do to improve your website’s rank. Make sure that whoever you hire to write your content has a firm understanding of SEO.

A good copywriter will also know how to avoid over-stuffing your content with keywords, a.k.a. “keyword stuffing.” Using too many keywords can actually be a problem that harms your search rank. A professional writer will strike the ideal balance of just enough keywords without it being overkill.

SEO isn’t just about keywords. A good professional writer knows how to properly format a blog with headings and concise paragraphs. This will also help your site rank better on Google.

Professional Writers Deliver 100% Duplication-Free Content 

Perhaps the worst outcome of buying cheap writing is plagiarism. It may shock you to know that plagiarism isn’t just something students do when they’ve slacked off in class. It’s something that writers will deliver to their paying clients. If you aren’t careful about the writer you hire, this could happen to you!

This video demonstrates the kind of poor (and duplicated!) content you could end up with from an amateur writer—and the quality you can expect from a pro!

Plagiarism makes you look bad. You need to make yourself look credible. Your content should position you as a subject matter expert that your clients can trust for high-quality service or products. If you’re stealing content from other sources, you’ll look like the opposite: a fraud.

Plagiarism is, of course, illegal. You shouldn’t be doing it period, and the writer you might hire to work on your website definitely shouldn’t be doing it. But you might be thinking, “Who cares?” No one will know if you’ve copied someone else’s content. But the truth is Google knows, and it will penalize you for having duplicate content by lowering your SEO rank.

A quality professional writer will be able to give you 100% duplication-free content. You should be able to verify this using the site Copyscape. This is the industry standard for checking whether or not the content has been duplicated. Plagiarism may be an easy way to get content on your website, but it’s not worth the risks you’re taking to put it up. Duplicate-free copy is worth paying for!

Choose Your Content Writer Wisely—Or Suffer the Consequences

Clearly, quality writing is essential to your business, and it’s worth paying for! Does your website need content? Make sure you invest in an experienced content writer who knows what they’re doing!

We would love to create website content for your business or help you refresh your website if it’s in need of a facelift. No matter what you’re looking for, we promise to deliver content that’s readable, SEO-optimized, and duplication-free. Because we’re native English writers, you’ll also never have to worry about us delivering copy that doesn’t quite make sense.


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