August 12, 2021 Tracy Freese

What Were the June and July Google Core Updates?

"What were the June and July Google core updates?"

Have you noticed changes with how your website is ranking or how well your SEO is performing recently? Google releases regular Google algorithm updates which change how your website ranks among other things. Keep reading to learn more about the June and July updates and how these may impact you!

June Update

Google released the first part of their June/July Google core updates on June second. This was the first update since December 2020, and the updates finished rolling out on June twelfth. The June core updates included:

  • A change of position for SEO keywords
  • Both higher and lower rankings
  • Major fluctuations with SEO keywords and rankings

Google is relatively secretive regarding what the Google algorithm updates exactly entail, but they went on to release more updates throughout the month of June, such as:

  • A Google page update, which started rolling out on June 15 will continue rolling out through August
  • A spam update, was released on June 23
  • A second spam update, released on June 28

July Update

The Google updates in July 2021 were released on July first as the second part of the June updates. This global core update will officially finish about two weeks into July, although Google may release other updates throughout the month.

Some updated features that Google planned to release in June did not meet the deadline and so they pushed them ahead to the July rollout. Until Google fully rolls out the core update, there is no guarantee on what it will entail. However, at this point, we’ve seen:

  • A positive impact for those that experienced a website boost with the June 2021 release
  • A negative impact for both those that did not experience an impact in June 2021 and those that experienced a negative impact
  • Recoveries from the June 2021 core release

Frustrated computer userWhat Does This Mean for You?

Almost any website developer, owner, or user may find themselves impacted by a Google update. You may find:

  • Your website will rank higher. With a Google update, the algorithm is adjusted, meaning that the ranking system is affected. Depending on the SEO keywords you are using, you may see your website ranking improve.
  • Your website will rank lower. Unfortunately, Google cannot guarantee that you will not be negatively impacted by the updates. If you find that you are ranking lower or your website is struggling, you may consider visiting Google’s page for advice. Alternatively, hiring an SEO specialist can help you make the necessary adjustments to raise your ranking again.
  • Nothing will change. For some, there will be no major changes. Not all Google updates have a noticeable impact on every user or business owner.

Don’t Let the Google Algorithm Updates Be Your Downfall

Google updates can be great, but they can also be harmful. One way to set your website’s rank up for success regardless of the Google updates in July 2021 or any upcoming updates is to get website content that’s professionally written by Strong Estate Marketing. You can order your content and start working toward improving your SEO today!


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