April 13, 2015 Tracy Freese

What is Cannabusiness?

Medical marijuana in large jar


Some would say cannabusiness is the root of all evils, yet I would tell you it is a collection of incredibly talented entrepreneurs stemming from a single source – cannabis…err marijuana… I mean weed…or maybe pot, hash, grass or a thousand other slang terms for that leafy green happy stuff! Whatever you call it, cannabis and its growers, suppliers, buyers, vendors, bloggers, reporters, legislators, etc are the up-and-coming industry to participate in and profit from.

Consider filling up your tank with gasoline, have you ever really considered how a) the gas got to your pump and b) how many lives it affected along the way? Probably not because the oil industry is established and woven into the Western social fabric. Consumers take for granted the amount of lives the oil industry is supporting through drilling, manufacturing, distributing, and so on.

The car you drive, the gas station you fill up at, the hundreds of thousands of jobs created, the websites following it, right down to the photographer taking head shots of oil executives – the oil industry reaches incredibly far. I would bet my next paycheck that the cannabis industry is on the same trajectory as any other household staple in America.

While cannabusiness is just getting started, it is a fascinating phenomenon to watch. From ditch weed to taboo extracurricular to socially integrated commodity, cannabis will eventually be taken for granted just like gasoline. Both are controversial and each faces its own set of unique social challenges; cannabusiness is simply on one end of the capitalism continuum whereas oil is on the opposite. Does it blow your mind to consider marijuana becoming as socially acceptable as putting gas in your car? No doubt, but it has all of the right ingredients.

Cannabis is uniquely positioned to explode once the politics get straightened out. It is consumable, produces an emotional reaction, and can be customized to fit most any lifestyle. Seasoned network marketers everywhere just sat up and paid attention. Just as with any expanding industry, cannabusiness will create jobs, new dictionary words, and viral pop songs. Remember social media and the dance song “Selfie?” My point exactly.

Cannabusiness is on the cusp of sparking an economic revolution so I challenge anyone to see the social possibilities and move away from the fire and brimstone rhetoric. Sure, toking up creates a high, but so does lighting a cigarette and drinking a beer; two things that do far more damage to our health and wellbeing yet are fiercely protected by capitalism. There is money to be made selling weed and it won’t be taking place out the window of a 2005 Monte Carlo for much longer.

Tracy Freese, MA, CTEP™ gives cannabusiness a voice online through SEO website content, promotional blogging, and video production. She has been honored to work with many of the cannabusiness pioneers worldwide. Have a cannabusiness project you are working on? Hit her up.

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