December 26, 2016 Tracy Freese

Top 7 Accessories for On-The-Go Toking

As the stereotype goes, a stoner is someone sitting on a couch doing nothing in a black lit haze.  While this has become a popular assumption that we constantly see being played out in movies and other forms of entertainment, it’s not an accurate depiction.  Most people who consume cannabis are professional, working class people with lots of responsibilities and places that they need to be.  In honor of these hard working, fast moving marijuana users, here is our must-have list of accessories for on-the-go toking.

Medtainer (Pink Marble)

If you’re someone who carries around your bud and a grinder, you might want to give the Medtainer a try.  The Medtainer is an air tight, waterproof container that also has a built-in grinder.  Designed with consumers in mind, this container will keep your bud from drying out and gives you the perfect grinder for your herb all while you travel.

SG Twisty Reversal Pipe

If you’re notorious for dropping and breaking things, this swirling spoon pipe is made for you.  You won’t have to worry about this sturdy pipe breaking in your bag or smashing to bits when you accidentally drop it.  Easy to hold on to and durable, the spoon has a beautiful multi-color design that’s essential to any collection.

Purr Pendy Sherlock

The sherlock pendant is the ultimate on the go piece.  Combining colorful and elegant lamp work with clever function this pipe is perfect for tobacco and legal dry herbs. With a style that can be worn or easily carried, the discreet design is perfect for anyone who is on the move.

Seussical Sherlock Pipe

Small and compact items are great for people who are on the move.  That’s why this sherlock pipe is perfect for anyone who has a limited amount of space in their bags or purses. Designed for tobacco and legal dry herbs, the seuussical sherlock pipe is handcrafted with a dichroic lamp-work bead creating a standing effect for the pipe.

Incredibowl m420

If you’re looking for a new co-pilot, the compact m420 is the pipe for the job.  Incredibowl industries designed a pipe that is as user-friendly as it is innovative. The dry pipe includes features like a patented filtration system and a strong, virtually indestructible design that is also easy to clean.  Small, compact, and designed with mobility in mind, this pipe is made to go wherever you do.

OTG Micro 2

When you are on the go and you hear the words ‘mobile’ and ‘functional’ typically your interests are peaked.  The micro 2 bubbler fits these words like a glove.  Tough and durable, the OTG micro 2 has the advantage of more than just portability. With features like a six-slit diffused down stem and an illuminating multi-color LED display light, this bubbler is made to impress and go with you anywhere.

6″ Upline Steamroller Pipe

Fusing portability and a snappy, powerful hit, the steamroller pipe is sure to appeal to your senses.  This steamroller pipe has a pinched mouthpiece design, unique filtration chambers, a clear body, and two legs at the bottom to add stability.  This pipe is convenient, it looks cool, and it creates the desired effect that you are looking for.

With products that are durable, compact, and multifunctional, our picks are perfect for anyone who is a busy body looking to get high.  So whether you have limited bag space or you’re just looking for the most convenient on-the-go smoking products, be sure to give these items a try.


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