October 27, 2020 Tracy Freese

The Importance of Real Estate Bios

A real estate bio summarizes your experience, your background, and your connection to your community in a couple of short paragraphs. A good bio is a key strategy to marketing yourself as a real estate agent and securing clients. Bios can seem like a daunting task, and while templates can provide a visual idea of what to include, follow these key tips to execute one like a pro.

What’s in a Good Real Estate Bio?

Who You Are, and Why You Matter

Your bio should include a description of who you are. This should include where you went to school, your degrees, and a bit about your personality or what you feel defines you as a person. Most importantly, you should have reasoning behind what you wrote–keep in mind the why matters. For example, if you have a degree in psychology, why does this degree benefit you? Ellen Grubert with Compass has a wonderful example of what to include in the part of your real estate bio that is about yourself. She includes her degrees, her schooling, and even how clients would describe her personality. This is an excellent way to make yourself seem not only educated and accomplished, but someone who a client would want to work with.

How You Connect to Your Community

Your bio should also include how you connect with your community. To market yourself best in any one community, it’s necessary to convince the clients that you are knowledgeable about the area in which you are working, and that you understand the community. Understanding the community will tell your clients that you know what is best for them where they want to live. Jennifer Grandjean outlines this well by discussing her community roots and proving she is knowledgeable about what is important in her area. She even includes her local civic involvement. This is a perfect way to make yourself seem relatable, and prove to your clients that you know what they want.

Your Accomplishments

Finally, your bio should outline your personal accomplishments. It’s important not to overload your bio with your accomplishments in order to ensure that you don’t seem as if you’re bragging. However, including what you’ve done and what makes you successful makes you more marketable to someone who is looking for a potential real estate agent. Shannon McNulty does this effectively by outlining how successful her work has been without it being overbearing. By including your accomplishments in addition to including your background and your connection to your community, you are truly proving that you are the best real estate agent on the block! 

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Your Bio Tells Your Story

Your real estate bio tells your professional story–who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can do for your clients. It’s your best strategy for advertising yourself in the best light so you get the highest caliber clientele. Your bio is the client’s first impression and what they’ll base their decision on. Following these steps will market you as the perfect real estate agent.


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