December 21, 2020 Tracy Freese

Tackling the Art of Teamlancing

Teamlancers working together

In today’s complex, ever-changing job force, networking is one of the most important skills to have. Connecting with others who are in your same field of work can help you learn valuable skills that strengthen your business. Partnering with other freelancers may also give you the opportunity to take on larger volumes of work and more clientele. This phenomenon is known as teamlancing, and it’s rising in popularity!

What is Teamlancing?

This term was developed by ClearVoice to refer to a collection of freelancers or several teams of freelancers that work together to produce a product or service for a client. Each freelance member (or team) provides a unique set of skills that will contribute to the final outcome. Writers, videographers, and editors are some common examples of freelancers that can work together in these networks.

Why is Teamlancing Beneficial?

Teamlancing is beneficial not only to the freelancers themselves but also to their clients. Teamlancing leads to the creation of a polished, well put together product for the client in a timely manner. Since the members are all working together and able to communicate freely, it’s also extremely efficient.

If you’re a freelancer, it can feel like the opportunities to expand your skillset and find new clients are limited. You don’t have the same resources as a big company, and you don’t have an employer who’s paying for you to attend conferences or trade shows. Working on a team of freelancers gives you the chance to meet and collaborate with others in your field or a related field. It creates the ultimate collaboration experience!

Two freelancers working on laptops together

Even when you’re consistently producing quality content, freelancers have less name recognition and resources to leverage when searching for new clients. Teamlancing helps you get more work through your fellow teamlancers without putting extra time and money into marketing yourself. Teamlancing emphasizes collaboration over competition so that everyone benefits.

The life of a freelancer can feel isolating and difficult. However, with the introduction of teamlancing, this barrier is a lot easier to break. You’ll discover a whole new world of other freelancers who are dealing with a lot of the same challenges as you are, and you can all glean from each other. You’ll feel less isolated when collaborating with other freelancers for a common goal.

How Do I Start?

If you want to become a teamlancer, you should network with other freelancers or look for companies that encourage teamlancing. Platforms such as ClearVoice and Fiverr provide the opportunity for freelancers to work together in teamlancing jobs. ClearVoice specifically created the idea of teamlancing to connect freelancers and better service both the worker and the client. Working with ClearVoice or Fiverr makes freelancing with a team easy!

Freelancing is constantly evolving, and teamlancing is just one of the latest evolutions. Whether you’re a brand-new freelancer or you’ve been doing it for many years, teamlancing is definitely worth trying to experience these ample benefits!


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