February 11, 2018 Anna Flanders

Why Your Product Listing Needs Amazon Lifestyle Photography

Images might be the most important part of your product listing if you’re an ecommerce seller. After all, it will likely be a customer’s first impression of your product after a quick search on Amazon or the Internet. It will also be the most memorable part of your product listing. According to AmeriCommerce, people remember 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they read.

One important photography decision you have to make as an ecommerce seller is what type of photography to use with your listing. There are two types: pure white background and lifestyle photography. On Amazon, sellers are required to use at least one white background image in their product listing. But adding Amazon lifestyle photography enhances your product listing.

The Perks of Lifestyle Photography

Amazon lifestyle photography has several benefits, including:

  • Storytelling
  • Inspiring
  • Explaining

Storytelling—Lifestyle photography tells a potential customer a story about the product. It’s hard to connect with a product against a white background. Customers can more easily connect with a model who is gleefully interacting with the product. These kinds of lifestyle images help customers to picture their lives with the product. A variety of pictures can show different features and uses of a product. Make sure to showcase the different colors and styles of the product as well.

Inspiring—Lifestyle photography can spur the inspiration of your customers. This is an especially great asset for clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and furniture. Pure white backgrounds are boring; they don’t help cultivate creativity. But with Amazon lifestyle photography, a customer gets a chance to see the possibilities of a product—how a shirt looks paired with dark wash jeans, how a sofa looks against a gray wall, etc. Even if a customer isn’t looking for your specific product, they could still come across your product listing. An inspirational lifestyle image might be enough to convince them they want your product. Lifestyle photography is also perfect inspiration for Instagram and Pinterest lovers.

Explaining—Lifestyle photography can also help a customer understand a product. If a product is uncommon or unconventional, customers may need help understanding how it is used. Lifestyle images give you an opportunity to show product assembly and take pictures up close or from different angles. Lifestyle images can also give customers more tangible context for dimensions.

Combining White Background and Lifestyle Photographyfrench press strong estate marketing

Above, you can see a French press (the product) against a pure white background. This is helpful because it’s clean and simple; there’s nothing distracting you from the French press itself. Below, you get a feel for the product in its intended context: on a customer’s kitchen counter, alongside a mug and some coffee grounds.

french press 2 strong estate marketing

Here’s another example: With the first image, you can clearly see the details of the packaging. In the second image, customers get to see the coffee creamer on the counter like it would be in their home. The customer can connect to the smiling model as she pours herself her morning coffee with the creamer.

coffee lifestyle photography strong estate marketingHigh-quality Amazon lifestyle photography is invaluable. You can order your own unique Amazon product images from Strong Estate here! 



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