November 27, 2017 Tracy Freese

Pot for Pets? 3 Things You Need to Know

dog pets strong estate marketingDoctors are not the only people jumping on the medical marijuana bandwagon. More and more veterinarians across the country are starting to see and utilize the holistic healing powers of cannabis to help their furry friends. Have you considered this kind of treatment for your pet? Here are three things you need to know before using medical cannabis on your pet.

Pets Get Sick & Stressed Just Like Humans

If you’re a devoted pet parent, the last thing you want to think about if your furry friend getting sick, but the reality of the situation is, they do. Just like humans, pets can suffer from cancer, arthritis, and seizures. For humans, doctors are just starting to scratch the surface of how holistic healing and cannabis can help with pain and give a better quality of life, which is exactly why vets are starting to utilize its powers as well.

Some pet owners are turning to cannabis-based treatments for other non-life threatening issues such as separation anxiety, noise phobia, and lack of appetite. Hemp products are a way to help your pets with these kinds of issues, but be aware that sedation and overactive appetite can be side effects. Turns out our pets can get the munchies too.

Veterinarians Can’t Prescribe It (Yet)

The FDA has not officially approved medical cannabis for pets… yet. With recreational pot starting to legalize more and more across the country, the hope is that more funding will go towards cannabis research on animals. Just like medical marijuana for humans, the progression of these kinds of treatments in animals will take off as well.

Pets Can’t Smoke. Try Edibles Instead!

Can you imagine trying to train your dog to puff, puff, and pass? While we’re sure it’s not impossible, we’re happy to tell you that there are other products you can give your animal that doesn’t require you spending countless hours teaching them how to smoke.

Edibles are continuing to ride the growing wave of this growing marijuana industry and they’ve branched out to animal treats. Biscuits, soft chews, and other animal treats are now being used to help medicate pets. So instead of teaching an old dog new tricks, you can just ask them to sit before you give them their yummy treat.

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