February 21, 2017 Jessica Merrill

NEVER Post a Blog Without These Two Elements!

Are you struggling to write blog posts that generate traffic to your site? Blogging can be a great way to market your business online, but sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

Thankfully, a good blog post is within reach. With a little bit of practice, you can write a post that will encourage readers to click, read, and share! Read on to discover two CRUCIAL components of a great blog post!

1. A Killer Title

Titles have two main purposes: to grab readers’ attention, and to allow them to preview the content of the article or blog post right off the bat.

Great Titles Attract Readers

Your title should show readers exactly how your article can help them out. Think about what your readers want to know, and go from there. Make it sound like information that they can’t live without! One great way to hook readers is to start your title with “How To…” or “What Happens When…” This is helpful in attracting readers, especially if you’re targeting a specific audience. It’s also important to keep your title relatively short so it won’t be cut off in search engine results. If the user can’t read your title in full, they might be less likely to click on your site.

Your Title Sets The Tone

Your title reflects the upcoming tone of your post, and it can be the deciding factor between whether or not someone continues to read. If the title is dull and boring, the article will probably be dull, too. If the title is catchy, people will assume that the blog post is great! It’s best to use strong or bold language in your title, especially if you’re targeting specific groups of people. For example, attention-grabbing words like “incredible”, “essential”, and “fun” are likely to intrigue a potential reader.

If you’re having trouble thinking of good titles, there are some excellent title templates here!

2. Informative, SEO-Rich Headings

There are two main reasons to use headings: readability and SEO (search engine optimization).

Headings Improve Readability

First, headings are incredibly important when it comes to readability. After the title, headings are usually the first thing your audience sees when they click on your blog post. Headings make it easier for a reader to skim over the rest of your article by giving structure and organization to the blog post or article. When people search the Internet, they are typically looking for quick and easy-to-read information. If your post is made up of just one enormous block of text, readers will be scared off. They won’t want to take the time to read the whole thing to locate what they’re looking for. Using headings to break up your post makes it more scannable, allowing the user to jump to their desired section right away if they’re looking for something specific. If the user has a good experience the first time they visit your site, they will have more motivation to return in the future.

Headings are Necessary for SEO!

SEO (search engine optimization) is another thing to consider when you’re writing headings. Oftentimes keywords will be written naturally into headings, but double-checking to make sure they’re included is critical. Search engines like Google typically use headings as a way to grasp the main topics in a post, which they then put in the article summary listed on the results page. Making sure your headings are optimized for search engines will, in turn, make your site easier for readers to locate. Doing something so easy can bring in a lot more traffic and business for your website!

In Conclusion…

We’re not saying that titles and headings are the ONLY important parts of a blog post. Obviously, the content—the actual body of the blog post—is super important, too. But if you’re already an expert on the topics you’re blogging about, your posts might just need a little boost. That’s where titles and headings can be an easy way to improve your articles.

We get it, though: blog writing isn’t easy. If your blog needs a little love, don’t hesitate to hire a pro. Strong Estate Marketing will write catchy, informative, quality content for your business blog. Send us an email today—let’s get started!


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