January 26, 2023 Tracy Freese

How to Promote Your Business Blog

Make an Impression and Get Results

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Do you have a new business blog that’s struggling to take off? Writing a blog is a great way for your company to advertise what you do and gain web traffic. However, gaining popularity for your business blog can be complicated. To help, we’ve provided seven blog promotion tools and ideas to help get your business blog booming!

Showcase Your Content Across Multiple Platforms

One of the best marketing tips for small businesses is to utilize your content in multiple ways. Each piece of content that you publish can be repurposed into something else. By publishing your content across multiple platforms, you can reach a wider audience.

Some ways you may consider transforming your blog content include:

  • YouTube videos. Some audiences prefer to watch content rather than read it. YouTube videos are more engaging and they’re perfect for publishing on social media platforms that are focused on visuals.
  • Podcasts. Like YouTube videos, podcasts are great for audiences who don’t like to give their undivided attention to a blog post. You can also post podcasts on platforms where blogs cannot be published such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
  • PDF summaries. Another way you may be able to reach a wider audience is by creating a PDF summary of your blog. PDFs can be short, sweet, and visual, and they can be shared over email and social media.

Give Readers the Opportunity to Share Your Blog

When you publish your blog on your business site, is there a “share” button visible for readers? Simply providing a share option is one of the best blog promotion tools. This allows readers who visit your blog to share your content on their own social media with ease. It’s a great way to gain free promotion and visibility!

Be sure that you draw attention readers’ attention to their ability to share the blog. Not only can you do this by predominately displaying the “share” button, but you may also want to include a sentence or two at the end of the blog that encourages readers to share the content.


Phone with account reach statisticsUse Social Media as a Blog Promotion Tool

One of the easiest marketing tips for small businesses is to leverage the power of social media. Since there are so many different social media platforms, you can repurpose the same content across multiple sites, therefore reaching multiple audiences.

Be sure to consider who the main social media audience is when publishing your content. For example:

  • Instagram audiences are going to be expecting photos or videos with minimal text.
  • Twitter audiences may be more prepared for links or written content, as long as it is short and to the point.
  • Facebook audiences may be willing to read longer posts, as long as they are easy to read. Visuals and links are helpful for drawing attention to your Facebook posts.

Advertise Your Blog Professionally

There are many professional platforms that are great for advertising all that hard work you’ve put into your blog. These platforms are for professional use and may help you network, find additional advertising options, and gain traction from other professionals. LinkedIn and MeetUp are two great examples. Try to utilize multiple sites to maximize your potential reach.

Google Business is one of the best professional platforms to use for a business blog. You are able to advertise and share your blogs directly to your Google Business account, as well as link other information. You can also list your business officially through Google, which helps you advertise and achieve higher Google rankings.

Network With Other Bloggers

Other bloggers understand the struggle of promoting a blog. Networking with other bloggers, especially those who have been doing it for longer than you have, is a great way for you to find tips and tricks for promoting your blog content.

In addition, when you network with other bloggers, you may get the opportunity to cross-promote each other’s work. Through cross-promotion, you both are gaining free advertisement and may expand your audience.

Professionals networkingGuest Post on Other Blogs

Did you know that many blogging sites or business websites allow for guest posting? Guest posting is a great way to gain traction with new audiences. If you have the opportunity to write a guest post, the host website may provide the topic or they may just give you certain guidelines to follow.

To find guest posting options, you may want to:

  • Contact sites that post content like yours. Try simply contacting sites that post the type of content you write. Send a message through the site’s contact form (or an email, if one is provided) and offer examples of your blogs as well as details about what you’re interested in writing for them.
  • Find where your competitors are posting. If you notice that your competitors are guest blogging on certain sites, reach out to these sites as well. You may gain the opportunity to reach this same audience.
  • Advertise yourself on different platforms. By using social media, freelance sites like Fiverr, or business sites, you can also advertise that you are looking for guest posting opportunities.

Use SEO for Higher Google Rankings

One of the most important factors in determining how well your blog posts perform is your Google ranking. Google determines rankings based on several things, one of the most important being SEO (search engine optimization). While SEO encompasses many things, one important element is to make sure your blogs incorporate certain words or phrases that your target audience may be searching.

Writing SEO content can be difficult, which is why it’s important to hire an SEO professional for your content. At Strong Estate Marketing, we stay up to date with the best SEO practices and are prepared to write exciting blog content that may raise your Google ranking!

Don’t Let Your Business Blog Flop

Blogs are an excellent tool for any business, but they’re only helpful if they do well. Promoting your blog is important, and with these seven tips, your blog will be booming in no time. To ensure that your blog content never flops, order your writing from us today!

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