April 30, 2018 Anna Flanders

How to Be a Better Writer

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Do you want to be a better writer? It’s not as intimidating as you might think! Honestly, anyone can learn to write, even if you don’t think it comes naturally to you.

Here’s why it’s important to be a better writer: Writing skills are some of the most important in the workplace, regardless of your field of profession. Between emails and memos, reports, and proposals, writing is an essential form of communication. Well-written content is also important for any business’s website and social media accounts.

Here are some tips to get your writing in the right direction!

First, Plan What You Want to Say

At times, it can be helpful to just start writing and let your words flow. But in our experience, writing is much more complex than that. It helps to at least have an outline of the main points you’re going to say before you start writing. Not only will this make the process easier for you as the writer, but it will also help your readers. Your audience will see some structure to your writing and feel that you put some thought into it. Your words will flow better, making it easier for your readers to understand.

Think About Who You’re Saying It To

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when writing! Always consider your readers. Are they professors? Are they plumbers? Are they children, teens, adults, or all of the above? Think about this before you start writing, and then write with the audience in mind. This may change things like how formal you are, how persuasive you need to be, and what information you include or leave out. If you are thinking about how a specific group of readers will perceive your writing, it will be far more effective.

Think About Where It’s Going to Be

Writing is not the same across all media. The content on a web page will be written much differently from a memo, which will be written differently from a news article, and so on. This can also affect your piece’s length and structure.

 Think About How It’s Going to Look

Although design may sound like an unrelated topic, most writing requires at least some design elements. In our experience, readers are more likely to keep reading if they see some visual contrast in your writing, as opposed to the same monotone black Times New Roman 12-point font typed over and over again. Choices like fonts and colors should not be made lightly.

When used thoughtfully, these choices can enhance the message you’re trying to convey to readers. Also, be sure to give your readers’ eyes a break from dense blocks of words by having white space between different points or sections in your writing.

Edit What You Wrote

Editing is vital to good writing. Nothing should be published without being thoroughly edited! This means more than just proofreading for spelling and grammar errors. Think about the structure of your sentences and your word choices. Cut unnecessary words or sections and expand on confusing or important points. It often helps if you read your work aloud and consult others for their opinions.

Stuck? Read What Others Have Written

If you find yourself really struggling with writing well, try reading the writers of others. Pay attention to the above points. Think about the choices the author may have made given the intended readers, the medium, etc. Did the writer choose to directly address their readers? How did the writer use design elements? How much time did the writer spend on each main point?

If you’re still struggling with finding just the right words—or the time to say them—Strong Estate’s team of professional writers can help! Contact us using the form below to get started.


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