August 1, 2017 Jessica Merrill

Why Is an Email List Important for Business Blogs?

why is an email list important strong estate marketing

Oftentimes, businesses don’t offer an email subscription service for their blog because they don’t see the importance of doing so. However, email lists can have major impacts on your website traffic and revenue. Whether you update your blog often or more infrequently, an email list is important for business blogs.

First, you might be wondering what we mean by an email list. An email list is a list of people who have subscribed to your blog by giving their email address. In doing so, they allow you to send them updates and promotions from your website.

Here are some great benefits of an email list:

It’s valuable for readers. 
Readers who don’t want to miss your posts will get a friendly reminder in their inbox every time you post, nudging them to return to your website.
It’s free.
There is no additional cost for either you to include an email subscription service OR for your reader to subscribe to it.
It’s easy.
Once your email subscription service is set up, it becomes totally hands-off for you. Anytime you publish a new blog post, a reminder will be sent to the people on your email list automatically. According to, email lists get 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns.
It allows you to keep ahold of readers.
Even though it is a hands-off service from you, emails feel more personal for your reader which is motivation for them to continue being loyal to your blog.

And here are five advantages of email as a communication channel for businesses:

Email is personal.
With an email going directly to your reader’s inbox and no ranking system limiting this, it is very direct, personal, and casual making your readers feel like they know you at a greater level.
Email is purposeful.
To get onto your email list, a reader has to sign up with their own email address. That proves that they’re interested in what you have to say, and will therefore be more receptive.
Email is targeted.
Because subscribing to your site means that the reader is especially interested in your site, you can deliver them very relevant content and offers in order to see better results for yourself.
You own your email list.
Other communication platforms have the ability to change their policies at any point in time. Because you own the email list, it doesn’t have to be influenced by the policies of another channel. You have total control.
Email is one-on-one.
Since your reader is looking at your blog from the privacy of their personal inbox, it feels more personal to the reader. That helps you build a connection of trust.
Email marketing really is the best way to get higher return and conversions for your business blog. Since it’s so easy, the benefits greatly outweigh the effort it takes to set up! There are many websites that can help you out with setting up a subscription service, and it will hardly cause any extra work for you, even though it will get far more people to read your blog posts!


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