May 30, 2017 Jessica Merrill

The Benefits of Product Videos

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Are your sales at a standstill? Are you struggling to find new ways to market your products? Strong Estate LLC has your answer. We’ve found that product videos are an excellent way to highlight a product’s specific benefits and features. Product videos are often overlooked, but can be one of the most effective ways to reach your sales goals!


Product videos can…

Get a Customer’s Attention

Videos quickly catch the attention of your audience, allowing more information to be absorbed at a faster rate than any other content form. This makes the most of your audience’s time— which is especially important on social media. If your video catches their attention quickly enough for them to stop scrolling and watch, then you’ve done it right.

Videos also give visitors a reason to spend more time on your site. After people watch videos, they’re more likely to browse your site, which will hopefully make them more likely to make purchases.

Evoke Emotion

Attractive visual content can be one of the most influential factors in determining whether potential customers will make online purchases. The combined effects of visuals and sound evoke much more emotion from your audience than text alone does. Pull your viewers in by connecting with them emotionally, which will get them onto the next step, hopefully a purchase.

Increase the Product’s Perceived Value

Since video is (usually) harder and more expensive to produce, it is typically looked at as more valuable than text. Its perceived value can boost your website traffic big time.

Boost Customer Confidence in the Product

Product videos show the product being used by a real person. This will make them more confident in purchasing something on the Internet, because they feel like they have a better idea of its quality. Confidence in the product can also translate to trust in you and your business, making them more likely to return for more purchases.

Help with Clarity and Understanding

Video can help your audience follow along and understand your product better. People learn better when information is delivered verbally and visually, and videos help them do just that! When you order our Premium package videos, we will write an informative script and provide text overlay to enhance the main points of the message.

Improve SEO & conversion rates

A video can generate a large number of links for a website, attracting more traffic. It’s important to note that, because there are so many videos already out on the internet, your video needs to be really good quality to attract a large number of links.


With this in mind, it might be beneficial to you to hire a professional to shoot and edit your product video, making sure you get as much out of it as possible. It’s also very important to have models in your videos, so that potential buyers can really see how a product will be used— not just how it looks. Strong Estate has models on hand and we know just how to create a product video that will help you SELL! Get in touch with us today to get started!




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