January 28, 2020 Anna Flanders

7 Ways Blog Writing Helps Your Business Succeed

professional blog writing - strong estate marketingHave you thought about adding a blog section to your business’s website? If you haven’t, you should! No matter what type of industry you’re in, blog writing can benefit your business in ways you can’t afford to miss out on. Not convinced yet? Here are 7 ways a business blog can help your company thrive.

Blog Writing Drives Traffic to Your Website

Blogging increases your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). If your blog is producing consistent, relevant content, Google will reward your website by ranking it higher in the search results. This takes time, but if you stick with it, you’ll start to see positive results. You’ll get more traffic on your website and start making more sales!

people with laptops - strong estate marketingIt Builds Your Following

If you’re ranking well for SEO, some people will find your blog without ever having heard of your company. Take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t just post something and move on. Engage with the people who are commenting on your blogs. You can even encourage people to comment on your blog by posing a question or two at the end of every post. Just keep it relevant to the topic at hand. If there are times when you get negative feedback, you should still reply back. Consumers appreciate businesses that show an active interest in them as individuals. So, like and reply to their comments whenever you can.

It Helps You Learn About Your Customers

You can also use the comment section of your blog posts as a way to glean information about your consumer base. How old are the people commenting? Where are they from? How did they hear about your company? All of this information gives you a better idea of who is using your products and what demographics you might be missing. If you run an e-commerce-only business, blogging is one of your few opportunities to engage with customers. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Act on the information you learn by continuing to do what you do well and adjusting in the areas where you might be weak.

woman reading blog post - strong estate marketingBlog Writing Provides Valuable Information

Sometimes what you want to say about a product doesn’t neatly fit into a product description. Blogging gives you a bigger platform where you can get more in-depth about how your products can benefit others. You can even share some personal stories about how your products have helped you or the people you know. Maybe you have some tips and tricks on how to effectively use your products. Why not blog about them? Blog writing also gives you the opportunity to capitalize on trends and current events and tie them back to your products. If you’re noticing any patterns with customer concerns, your blog is a place where you can effectively address those concerns.

It Brings Your Social Media to Life

Having a strong social media presence is a must for all businesses today. Whether you own a restaurant, sell your artwork, or design dog toys, you need to be utilizing social media as a marketing tool. If you’re not really sure what to post, creating a business blog will instantly increase your content across social media platforms. And it will give people a new reason to follow your business’s social media accounts.

Interesting content gets shared on social media, even if people aren’t familiar with the company who’s writing it. This will not only increase traffic to your blog but also your website. Many of the people who check out your blog will want to learn more about your business. Ultimately, this will lead to more sales.

social media icons on phone - strong estate marketingIt Helps You Become a Memorable Brand

If you’re regularly posting high-quality content to your blog, people will have a hard time forgetting about your business. Your posts will be showing up on their social media and in their inbox. If they’re seeing more from your business, they’ll be thinking about your business. And if they’re thinking about your business, there’s a greater likelihood that they will buy your products or use your services.

And, It Makes You an Authority in Your Field

Blogging helps you show off a little. When you’re frequently blogging about topics that are relevant to your industry, you can show people that you’re knowledgeable and experienced. Your readers will start to see you as an authority in your industry. If you’re ranking well for SEO, people will also be more likely to trust your business. Consumers tend to see the top search results as the most credible ones. When people see you and your business as credible, you’ll start seeing more dollar signs.

Trust Your Blog to a Professional Blog Writer!

If your blog doesn’t have high-quality and consistent content, you won’t experience any of these great benefits. By hiring a professional blog writer, you can rest assured that your blog is in good hands! A professional blog writer won’t make the punctuation or grammar mistakes that will cause you to look unprofessional. They’ll look at your business with a fresh perspective, come up with interesting topics, and keep customers engaged.

Your blog represents your business. Make sure you’re presenting your business to the public the right way. Hire a professional blog writer to ensure your business blog is the best it can be!

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