September 28, 2018 Jessica Merrill

7 Signs Your Website Is Outdated

signs your website is outdatedWhether you like it or not, your website is a huge part of your company’s reputation. Having an attractive, easy-to-use, helpful website is essential! Outdated sites can give the wrong impression of your company or brand. Here are some of the signs your website is outdated.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

Over 52% of website traffic comes from a mobile device. All those people are potential clients! This might be their first and only impression of your company, so make it a good one. If your website doesn’t look good on a cell phone, then you know it’s time to give it an update. Test it by looking it up on your phone: Can you understand how it works? Is it clear? Does it look good? If not, you need to work with your web developer to optimize your site for phones and tablets.

There Isn’t Enough White Space

Using color can capture a reader and draw in attention, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Dark blue, brown, and black backgrounds were popular in the early days of the Internet, but now, they just look extremely dated. And, while it may seem fun to use trendy colors, trends change quickly and drastically and show how outdated the site is. It’s better to use your brand or company colors in small amounts. If you want to use bright colors, use a muted overlay and break up the space with white areas to give your reader a breath.

Your Readers Have to Wade Through Lots of Text

Always assume your readers have a short attention span. You must capture your reader’s interest right away.  By capturing your reader’s attention right away, they’re more likely to stay on the website and purchase your products or services. Make your point at the beginning.

Your Photos Are Dated and Low Quality

Are your photos small and low resolution? Or do the people in the picture wear shoulder pads and rock a perm? 🙂 The quickest way to know a website is outdated is by looking at the pictures. It’s time to change out the images when they no longer reflect what the brand or company represents.

There Isn’t A Blog

Do you have a blog? You should! They’re a marketing tool to drive more traffic your way. Search engines love fresh content.  Using keywords, internal links, and backlinks, you’ll get more traffic and a higher retention rate. You’ll also establish yourself as an authority in your field. And, the helpful information you offer is a great bonus to your customers.

You’re Not Integrating Social Media

I’ve been to websites where I couldn’t find their Facebook or Instagram links, and I found it quite annoying! Not having social media attached to your website means you’re missing out on opportunities. Tying in your social media is not only helpful to customers who are looking for your social accounts, but if they follow you, it reminds them to come back again and remain your customer. Having a digital presence is important and social media is key. Make sure you have yours attached to your site!

Your Site Loads Slowly

40% of people will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Using outdated software can slow your website down, causing people to leave before they’ve even checked the content. Test your website to check its speed. And, if you want to use videos, try using an off-service site like YouTube. If your site is loading slowly, work with your web developer to speed it up.

What’s wrong with this website?

With your newfound knowledge, you can see that this is an example of an outdated website. With more white space and a new, modern design, it would be much more successful!

outdated website example


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