October 19, 2020 Anna Flanders

5 Reasons Your Website Sucks

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Are you not getting the engagement you want with your website? Do you find yourself not having enough clicks and visitors? You’re not alone! There are many reasons why your website might not ranking on Google.

Building the perfect site is far from easy. It requires a fair amount of research which you probably don’t have the time to do if you’re a busy entrepreneur. It’s important to evaluate what parts of your site are lacking! Here are five reasons why your website sucks and how you can make it better.

1. You Don’t Have Any Social Proof

One of the reasons your website isn’t ranking on Google could be that you don’t have social proof. Understanding how to fix this first starts with understanding what “social proof” is. In simple terms, social proof is evidence of customer satisfaction.

One of the best ways to provide social proof is to showcase customer testimonials in some form. Social media posts reviewing or promoting your product are super helpful since the average consumer already spends so much time on social media. Descriptive, positive reviews on sites like Yelp or on your website itself can also prove to customers that your business is doing things right. Incorporating pictures or even videos of your product being used by customers is yet another great way to include social proof!

2. You’re Not Targeting SEO

Google ranks website visibility in part based on SEO, or search engine optimization. One of the ways to improve your website visibility and ranking is to target SEO. Many new or inexperienced content creators don’t have a full understanding of SEO. They don’t know how to target keywords in order to increase visibility or even find out what keywords they should be targeting.

If you’re serious about increasing your website’s visibility, you should hire a professional who understands SEO to help you build or rebuild your website. Once your site is up and running, you’ll need top-quality content. At Strong Estate Marketing, we are experts in creating SEO-optimized content. Ordering website content from us will increase your website visibility and help you get more website traffic.

3. Your Design is Too Cluttered

When you look at your website, do you think it’s easy to understand? Are your eyes drawn to anything in particular or do they dart all over the page? One common mistake that many businesses make on their websites is cluttering the pages with lots of widgets, distracting elements, and too many colors. When your content and design aren’t focused and purposeful, your customers will have a hard time staying engaged with your site.

Clean, simple designs are the most effective ones. It’s definitely tempting to include flashy, elaborate, and interactive elements to your site, but these take away from your website content. Try getting rid of extra widgets and design elements in favor of highlighting the content that truly matters.

4. Your Site is Impossible to Navigate

Having a site that is difficult to navigate will turn away visitors. Too much clutter or poor website design may be the reason for this. If you want to keep visitors engaged with your site and maximize your chances of a sale, you need to improve your site’s navigability.

So how do you do that? You need every page to link together somehow. Your homepage should be easy to understand and direct users to where you want them to go. Check that all links on your site are active, accessible, and clearly visible. Make sure you don’t have content that’s hidden or difficult to find.

5. You’re Never Active

Another one of the reasons your website may not be ranking on Google could be that you aren’t active enough. If you let your site fall into inactivity and don’t update content, then your visitor count will go down. Google ranks active sites higher in search results, so if your site remains inactive, the rank will continue to fall.

Increasing your activity isn’t hard. If you have a blog on your site, consider hiring a content writer to produce regular content. If you don’t have a blog feature, consider adding one! Strong Estate not only writes website content but blogs as well. Posting helpful, engaging blogs on a regular basis will help increase your visibility and make customers more willing to interact with your company.

Hire Strong Estate Marketing So Your Site Can Stop Sucking

No one wants to struggle with a bad website. Fixing these problems on your site will increase your visibility and Google ranking. Take your website to the next level by ordering fresh content today from Strong Estate Marketing today!


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