November 3, 2022 Tracy Freese

5 Essentials for Every Successful Business Website

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If you’ve just created an e-commerce business or moved your brick-and-mortar store online, you’ve probably devoted a lot of your time to determining the building blocks of a perfect website. Your revenue depends on it. But how do you build a business website? What actually matters and what bells and whistles are meaningless? Here are five essentials for a business website you must have to be successful.

1.    A Good URL

Perfecting your brand is one of the most important parts of having a successful business, and your URL is a crucial part of that brand. The cornerstone of every successful URL is twofold: simplicity and memorability.

You don’t get points for a long URL filled with SAT vocab words. In fact, anything that’s too long and complex could be off-putting to potential customers. You should keep your domain name as short and simple as you can. Succinct URLs without dashes or unnecessary words are the easiest for people to search for.

You also want customers to be able to remember your URL instantly. URLs that include your site name or something that clearly relates to your business will be the easiest for people to remember. This makes customers more likely to not only visit the site but to come back to it as well.

2.    A Clear Description

The homepage of your website needs to have a clear description that explains what your business does, what products you sell, or what services you offer. Wordiness and big blocks of text are huge turn-offs for customers. You also want to avoid anything that’s too vague. Be sure to stay concise and descriptive.

Read through the description as if you’re the customer. Would this make sense to the average person? Or does it contain a lot of jargon that would probably only make sense to someone with a lot of experience in your industry? You could also seek the help of friends and family who may not be industry experts like you are. Get their feedback then edit and re-edit your description until it’s perfectly concise yet descriptive.

3.    A Predominate Call to Action

One commonality you’ll find in virtually every successful website is a prominent call to action (CTA). A CTA is an action step you want your customer to take. What exactly do you want a visitor to do when they visit your website? Do you want them to buy a product? A service? Do you want them to contact you and set up a meeting? Your CTA should address this. Push the customer to do exactly what you want them to!

Even if your CTA isn’t necessarily directed at contacting you, you need to make sure that if a visitor were to need your contact info for any reason, they could easily find it easily. Your homepage should have your contact information clearly visible. However, you should have a separate page dedicated to contact information as well. Make sure to have this linked to your homepage for easy navigation.

Wordpress plugins dashboard4.    Fresh Content

Websites that don’t regularly post fresh, original content won’t rank highly in Google search results. One of the essentials for a business website is to regularly update your content and post brand-new content. The problem is this is one of the more time-consuming elements of a business website since the content needs to be put out on an ongoing basis. Using a blog writing subscription will allow you to provide visitors with valuable content on a consistent schedule without any extra effort on your part.

5.    Your Unique Selling Point

What makes you special? Why should customers buy from you and not one of your many competitors? One of the most important essentials for a business website is showing off what makes you special, aka your unique selling point (USP). Don’t hold off on showcasing your USP on your homepage. It’s important for visitors to see it right away! You can convey why visitors should choose you over the competition in your design or your content. Having a section of your homepage devoted to customer reviews can also be a way to show social proof and your USP at the same time.

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