December 1, 2017 Tracy Freese

5 Benefits of Social Media You Probably Don’t Know About

Social Media is so important to e-commerce today— for buyers and sellers alike. Businesses large and small have figured out the benefits of social media. It’s a great way to advertise to potential customers, but the benefits go way beyond product placement.

Small brands and large brands alike are using social media to promote themselves and get their name heard, to connect with their audience, and to improve their products for the benefit of the consumer. Here are some great benefits of social media that you might not know about.

1. Social Media Offers Personalized Marketing

Unlike algorithmic advertisements, business’s social media accounts are likely to reach the customers who actually want to buy from them. Businesses that use social media sites understand that the customer wants to feel recognized as a person first and the consumer second. They want to engage with their audience, and the service or product they’re providing is what the customer truly wants.

2. Social Media Leads to Customer Loyalty

Customers will find that they’re more loyal to the brands that they follow on social media. Because social media encourages two-way communication between the business and the consumer, the two parties can build relationships that benefit both. The customer feels that they can trust the business, and the business gets honest feedback from the customer.

3. Social Media Makes It Easy for Your Customer

It’s essential for online retail stores to use social media. Since their customers are already online, using online promotion means their stores are just a button away. This promotes traffic for the business, and it provides ease for the consumer. Instead of having to go out of your way to search for something, it’s right there when you log onto your preferred social media site. You can introduce deals and new products this way. This helps to keep the customer involved and excited about upcoming promotions.

4. Social Media Gives You More Customers

Using social media is proven to give businesses the ability to grow their customer base. With the benefits of social media, businesses have access to thousands of potential customers around the world. Even without using paid advertising, most social media sites have a sharing option. One customer can reach hundreds more with the click of a button, and so on.

5. Social Media Gives Unique Opportunities for Interacting with Customers

This advantage helps customers as well. As businesses grow, products and services generally improve. Even small businesses are able to devote more time, money, and energy to make sure they’re producing what the consumer is asking for with each additional view, share, and purchase.

With new customers comes more feedback, and this helps businesses produce the products that the consumer truly wants. Social media makes communication easy, so customers can comment directly on the shared post to let the business know what they’re doing well and what can be improved. This is a quick way for both business and consumer to truly feel involved in the buying experience and get the most out of online retail.

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